The numbers

Initial Fee: £30,000 +VAT

Working Capital: £40,000 +VAT (To cover the office set up and the cash flow for overheads)

Monthly Management Service Fee: 6% of Net Revenue NB: The fee is deducted after VAT.

The total investment for this franchise is around £70,000. We are looking for franchise owners who have at least half of that in liquid cash, as the rest can be funded by the banks. So minimum investment of own monies £35,000.


What you get for your Investment

  • Exclusive Territory – Click to have a look at the areas available around the UK
  • 10 year licence (5years+5Years)
  • Residential Induction Course
  • Dedicated and integrated Rostering (with mobile app), Payroll and Invoice Management System
  • National Account Business (NHS,BUPA)
  • Comprehensive Launch Package
  • Ongoing field support
  • Branded Stationery
  • Branded uniforms
  • Operations Manuals
  • Governing Body Subscriptions
  • Assistance with Business Planning
  • Optional (Internally) invoices funding facility to ensure fast cashflow immediately a sales invoice is generated

The Match Options ownership Process…

What’s the Next Step?

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